Ok, for the record, this was not a planned feature for the site or anything we told Pat to do. As a matter of fact nobody would have ever seen any of these unless you browsed through his photo’s on Facebook.

Apparently Pat has been doing this for quite some time now and you never know where he will pop up. If he is in your town beware… you may get served.

Ok this required a few pics cuz Pat nearly soiled his shorts when he saw this… and I think we have our first ever “Double Serve” on hand… THQ and CroCop… Served. 5/25/10

Archived Servings

Cutting weight, don’t mess with me… Served. 4/24/10

First impressions… Punk Ass meet your new sponsored fighter. Served. 3/13/10

(Post Serve) For those who thought this pic was fake… Monk was pissed! 12/10/09

shhh… Be vewy vewy quiet… Served. 11/16/09

Pshhh… Dana, shmana… Served. 11/4/09

Boo!!!! Served. 11/4/09

Outside, snow storm, with a windchill factor of 15 degrees… Served.

Liftin weights, feelin strong, impressing the ladies with your dead lift form… Served.

Mindin your business, doing some laundry… Served.

Gettin a fresh cut, can’t risk any big movements or your do is gonna get screwed… doesn’t matter… Served.

Teammate? doesn’t matter… Pettis… Served.

Not really part of the series but… Served none the less.

Check back as we will update the servings as they come!