Max Holloway is quickly emerging as “the face of Hawaiian MMA” and one of the biggest stars in the UFC’s stacked Featherweight division. This kid is all about Hawaii and his hometown of Waianae… One of the more personable guys in the sport, it is no surprise that he is quickly becoming a fan favorite even in hostile territory such as Ireland, home of Conor McGregor. As soon as people started noticing Max he started campaigning for the UFC to go to Hawaii… We as his managers are also the lucky ones to be on the receiving end of about 7-8 calls a day just to hear about #UFCHAWAII… During those calls and many road trips it started to become and inside joke on how many words in the english language Max would butcher. This of course is endearing because its usually happens when he gets animated and its because mixes in some Pidgin, which is spoken a lot where he is from. We started a mini campaign that we called “#SHITMAXSAYS to bring attention to Max and his drive to get the UFC to finally do a show in Hawaii.
Max Holloway (AKA: Blessed) Twitter/Instagram @BlessedMMA