Patrick “Get Hype” Barry will make his much anticipated debut in the UFC on Dec 27th.
There is a big buzz in the MMA underground that Barry will be the best pure striker in the UFC heavyweight division. Barry has said he is not going to go out there to play it safe and try and squeak out a win, he is looking to explode onto the scene and get KO of the night. “If you aint gonna give it 2000% what’s the point!” Barry said, “Like master Yoda said, there is no “try”, you either do, or you don’t and I’m looking to put on a show!”.
Barry is also quick to recognize the fans, “Yes we are athletes but we are also entertainers and the fans like entertaining fights, without the fans we don’t have a job… and I like my job”. This all lends itself to Barry’s mantra of “Hype or Die”. He truly lives by this and tells us its all about being self motivated. Barry has a deep passion for trying to spread this message to get people to take charge of their own future or as he likes to call it, “unplugging from the matrix”.
When asked where he saw himself in 5 years Barry didn’t give the typical answer of being the world champ. Instead he says, “I want to be the worlds greatest teacher, I want to give back to the sport and develop more ambassadors to carry the torch for the sport”.
We asked Barry if he was ready for his debut this next week and he told us, “I have the best camp you can ask for, I have been ready, it’s showtime”.
With his opponent being Dan “The Viking” Evensen, we thought we would close this with Barry doing his impersonation of the infamous youtube video known as, “The Techno Viking”.

UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008 – Saturday, December 27, live on Pay-Per-View from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.


He really did kick his eyebrow off!?