On December 16th at 10:30am Karson Jens Pulver was born.

From the agent’s perspective…
So I was sitting here trying to figure how to write this episode of “Blindside”. It’s a special one for a couple of reasons. I figured since this is supposed to be about the side of the sport you don’t normally see why not give it to you the way i got it…
I’m sitting here looking at pictures Jens has just given me access to on his “personal online photo account”, (sorry, no free plugs… haha… No seriously call me if you’re one of those companies and we can insert the link here… lol) and we are texting back and forth because Jens wanted to make sure I had the right password to access the albums. I can tell he is excited to share the pictures, like any proud dad would be, so I sent him a text letting him know I logged in successfully, and joked that I may use the picture of Nikka with her legs in the stirrups!
Jens sends me a text back, “oh god she isn’t even laughing lol!”. Followed by, “but she would deserve it for farting on ya that one time”.
I laugh and I text back, “I would never do that to nikka… haha. I need her on my side… but Karson’s middle name should be “Sponge Bob” because that’s where you f*#!ers made him!”.
Jens texts back, “Oohhh my god good times, good times. the sponge bob ;o face!”
You see, this is an inside joke because Jens and Nikka used to enjoy messing with me by poking at some of my pet peeves. 1. was EPDA (Extreme Public Displays of Affection) and 2. was farting all over the place. Well in my house we made our extra bathroom into our “kids bathroom”, and it is done in a heavy SpongeBob motif. While a guest at my home, they never missed an opportunity to try get under my skin and would tease that they were “bumping uglies” in my kids’ bathroom and that they would never look at SpongeBob the same way again (hense the sponge bob ;o face). Hahaha… of course they were just playing it up to make me squirm (I hope)?
Anyway, it got me thinking… wow, how much can a year change things? Jens and I have had highs and lows, but the reality is I got into this business because of Jens. Jens was my first client and December marks the one year aniversery that SuckerPunch made its debut with Jens at his debut in the WEC against Cub Swanson. So needless to say we started with a bang! 12 months later SuckerPunch is one of the fastest growing agencies in MMA… it’s all a blur.
Within this “blur” there were points where our relationship was strained, but Jens and I always kept in touch because at the core we were friends. The birth of Karson also represents the rebirth of Lil Evil and SuckerPunch, we are back for 09. These photo’s of baby Karson puts in perspective what’s important in life and how fast time flies.
Already the proud father of daughter Madeline Springs Pulver, or as Jens calls her “Maddy”, the addition of Karson, makes Jens feel his life is complete. No matter what the future holds for Jens as a fighter, commentator, analyst or hall of famer, one path is set… he will be the best father he can be so his kids never see the evils that he has seen.

Congratulations Jens and Nikka.