There must be something in the water.
On December 23 in Barrington, Illinois Jacob James Curran was born at 10:41 pm, 9lbs 1oz. 22.5 inches long.

Jacob is boy number 2 for Jeff and his wife Sarah. Sarah had commented on her facebook page that she just new she would be in the hospital on Christmas… and then when the time came to go in for delivery she had the wherewithal to login and update her status stating, “Sarah is off to the hospital ;-)”.
Once the ball got rolling it only took 11 minutes to deliver Jacob so as it turns out the they were able to make it home for Christmas and celebrate as a family. The latest facebook update from Sarah’s status is “Sarah Carlson-Curranis loving her little family :-).”
Jeff introducing Ty to Jacob on Christmas morning.
I have personally seen Jeff around his son Ty and he is a very proud father. One might expect Jeff be the “tough dad”, but The Big Frog turns into The Big Teddy Bear whenever he is around his boy… baby talk and all.
Congratulations Jeff and Sarah, everyone is very happy for you guys. You’re ending 2008 on a high note, lets make some noise in 2009!