In “Blindside”, SuckerPunch shows you a side of the fighters lives’ you don’t normally see. We will post pictures of our fighters outside the cage and let them tell you the story.

Let’s set the scene. Jeff “Big Frog” Curran, Nate Mohr, Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski and Brad “The Hillbilly Heartthrob” Imes were heading out of Jeff’s After Party in Sacramento. It was a chilly evening and Mrs. Curran was cold so the “Big Frog” gave her his shirt. What ensued after that was Brad (the 9ft tall guy in the pic) got a little carried away and tried to haze “Big Frog” a by trying to toss him in a nearby dumpster…. “Big Frog” was having no parts of it. Bart, always one to join in on horseplay started playing along with Brad, while Nate tried to help his coach not go in the dumpster.

Somehow Brad got a hold of Jeff, had him up high in the air and was carrying him towards the dumpster. Jeff was laughing and warning that the joke had gone far enough, but Brad and Bart kept going with it. As Brad ignored the warnings and approached the dumpster with “Big Frog” in hand, we heard “Big Frog” say to Brad, “Ok, that’s it… your going to sleep”… then boom! the big fella hit the pavement as “Big Frog” sunk a guillotine in full guard that brought him to the ground until he tapped. This was all in good fun and everyone is still friends:) The lesson here is, don’t try and throw a BJJ Black Belt in a dumpster… in front of his wife.