Arguably one of the most respected and endeared fighters in the sport today, Jens Pulver will once again enter the Octagon to go to war. After winning the respect of everyone who wasn’t a fan, in his epic 5 round battle with WEC feather weight champion Urijah Faber, Pulver now looks get that title shot again by beating “The Bad Boy”, Leonard Garcia.

Here are questions sent to us by you the fans for “Lil Evil”.
Anyone who knows anything about this sport knows your story by now and if you don’t well you simply can’t say your a serious fan of MMA. Lets get into what’s going on with Jens Pulver today.
1. Where are you training now?
I am in washington, training at AMC with Matt Hume for MMA and Endzone athletics with joel for my strength and conditioning.
2. How did the initial postponement of this fight back in September effect your game, if at all?
What it did for me was give me this chance to get out here and train with Hume, I had heard a ton of good stuff from Monte Cox and Spencer Fisher so I had to come see for myself, all I can say is what a humbling humbling experience the first day was. I mean I knew the sport was evolving and passing me by and it was time for me to get out a bit and find some new scenery and it landed me here. I am in awe with the training that I have been a part of. A big thanks to Karros, trevor, and Brad for all their work with me as well.
3. How has it been going home to washington for the first time since you left at the beginning of your career?
It’s been great, when the plane landed I could not believe how much it has changed, and I never really realized how different the terrain is compared to Iowa. to be honest it made me homesick. I miss the quad cities. Every one out here though has been great and its exactly what I need, get away from my home and come here to train. It’s weird being in camp again, where all you have to do is train, eat and sleep.
4. What should we be looking for out of you in this fight?
Look for a fighter who is working very hard at becoming well rounded again, for too long I have been labeled as one dimensional and thats exactly how I fought, always wanting to land the big punch and finish the fight. Do not get me wrong I am still out there to finish the fight but now I am coming in with a new direction and new plan. I wish I had more time to work on the things I am learning here but I gotta go with the flow. Either way I am only getting better every day.
5. You lost your fight with Urijah but you seemed to have won the hearts and respect of over 1.5 million viewers. How bad do you want another shot and what would you do differently if you got it?
It’s all about getting a title shot, I want to get back to that fight again like you wouldn’t believe but like I said before I am gonna earn it by winning against who ever they put in front me. Right now the only pressure out there is the pressure I put on myself to get out there and beat anyone who gets in front of me. I would do so many thing differently, but the biggest thing I would do is not chase him around and allow him to just get shot after shot off and not answer, no matter what he says there were points in that fight I know I hurt him, I just didn’t throw enough to take over the fight. The worst part was and is, I use to worry so much about going to the ground that people would beat me standing up cause I focused to much on chance that they might take a shot and get me to the floor.
6. How do you see the fight with Faber and Brown going?
Its gonna be a tough fight for both of em, but I feel faber has to much momentum in his complete game to be stopped. Does that mean Brown can’t win…. No not at all, just means faber is at the top of his game right now and its gonna take a great performance by someone to take that belt away.
7. What are your thoughts on EliteXC closing up?
Sucks to see a show fail, but really they had it coming. Kimbo should have been the opening fight not the main event. their antics got them to this point and really what can you say but Damn. I feel for the real fighters that were out there fighting to make a living, but it is what it is. I am happy where I am at and love the way the crowd has responded to the 145 lb weight class and the lighter weights in general I love seeing the 155 lb weight class do so well, like I said I feel like a proud poppa with that weight class cause it was the one I started. More so I love seeing the little guys have a home in both the UFC and WEC.
Now we want to ask your opinion on some “What If’s” for the fun of it… who wins?:
1. Fedor VS. Anderson Silva
Fedor by weight and size, he is a great heavyweight.
2. GSP VS. Anderson Silva
3. BJ VS. Anderson Silva
BJ if they were the same weight for sure.
4. Houston Alexander VS. Kimbo
Alexander but damn it would be fun to see these two slug it out.
5. Amir Sadollah VS. Chris Leben
It would be a fun fight to watch and I would glad that I wouldn’t have to be a judge on this one. both are great individuals in their own right.
6. Kid Yamamoto VS. Urijah
Gotta go with the one who beat me. Urijah
7. BJ VS. Urijah
8. Rampage VS. Anderson Silva
9. Kid Yamamoto VS. BJ
BJ as much as he and I didn’t get along, I would be a liar if said he wasn’t one of the best pound for pound fighters I have ever seen.
10. Of course the likely hood of some of these is slim to none which one would you like to see most?
GSP and Silva
11. Do you have a fantasy fight that we haven’t listed that you would like to see?
BJ and GSP but thats coming soon I believe.
12. Any closing remarks for your fans and sponsors?
To the fans as always you are the reason I even get up and train, the reason I love this sport and the reason I am proud to get out there every time and put on a show. to the sponsors of course thank you for believing in this sport and believing in the athletes that are in it. To my sponsors in General- Tapout, Medalist,, Knight Rifles, DPMS, Fairtex, Warrior wear, Skin, I thank you. Also it is new but has amazing potential. Hello to my beautiful daughter Madeline, and my soon to be born son Karson. A big whats up to Craig Morgan, I can’t wait to hear his new CD (for those who love country music)