Eric Schafer and Nate Mohr have made their way to the land of The Celtic Tiger, Dublin Ireland. Both face formadable opponents at UFC 93, and feel confident that they will put on a good show.

Schafer and Mohr tell us that Ireland and the fans there are terrific! “The buzz about the UFC is felt all over town and the Irish fans know all about us! It’s really kinda cool!” said Mohr. Nate, who is there with teammate and cornerman Bart “Bartimus” Palszewski and will be joined by Jeff “Big Frog” Curran on Thursday, tell us that they were surprised at that the fans called out their names and ask for autographs. “It really shows the growth and popularity of this sport. I was surprised that anyone would recognize me, especially being out for a year!” Mohr states.

Schafer tells us that his weight cut is going great and weighed 225 when he landed on Monday. Schafer is there with UFC star Pat “HD” Barry, who will be in his corner along with his coach Duke Roufus. Schafer went on to tell us that he was bloated from the flight but was 220lbs on Tuesday and 215lbs today. “I still have a few tricks up my sleeve so I hope to be 210 when I wake up on Friday”. Schafer added, “This is my first trip over-seas, so getting over jet-lag was a bit weird. I have been doing 2 smaller workouts a day, and use my free DynaPep Micro Energy Shots to get a little extra energy to fight off the jet-lag. Nothing beats a good sponsor for helping with supplements. Cannot wait for Friday when the weigh-ins are over!”
We would like to recognize Sprawl, TapouT, DynaPep, Knockout Brand Clothing and Gamma-O for supporting the stars in the SuckerPunch stable. It’s sponsors like these that truly help evolve this sport.