We told you Bartimus Cometh… well he cameth, knocking out hard hitting Alex Karalexis in the 2nd round. Here’s is how it all went down…
Play by Play courtesy of Sherdog.com
Round 1
Karalexis takes the center of the cage and lands a low kick. Another kick lands from the TUF alum. Palaszewski is very tentative in the opening frame. Another kick lands from Karalexis. Alex swings and Palaszewski clinches. They separate and Palaszewski lands a hard right low kick. Karalexis lands a right and then swings for the fences. Palaszewski grabs the clinch and lands a knee to the body. They separate again and Alex is landing. It appears that Palaszewski was caught in the eye by a finger and referee Kim Winslow calls for a break. After a brief respite, the fighters exchange again with Karalexis dominating every step of the way. He isn’t landing as much as just frustrating the IFL veteran. The round ends with Karalexis landing another flurry. Palaszewski goes back to his corner visibly upset. 10-9 Karalexis.
Round 2
Round two starts with Karalexis throwing hands. Bart answers with a right that stuns Karalexis. Alex drops to the floor hurt. Karalexis is back to his feet again. Bart is unloading now. Karalexis is dropped again and is then rescued from more punishment as Winslow stops the contest at 1:11 of the second.

Teammates Doug Mango, Jeff Curran, Nate Mohr and Bartimus celebrating about 30 min after the fight.
Congratulations on getting KO of the night!
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