On January 19th Jesse Lennox signed onto the Suckerpunch team and on January 25th won his debut match in the WEC against Las Vegas fighter Blas Avena.
Here is the play by play as called by our friends at MMAweekly.
Blas Avena vs. Jesse Lennox
Both fighters come out aggressive, landing an array of strikes. Avena gets the plum and lands some knees as Lennox lands some punches. Avena takes him down and goes for a submission but Lennox escapes to top as Avena goes for an armbar. Lennox escapes and starts dropping elbows in side mount. Not much action happening as Lennox is content to stay on top. He finally starts to drop some strikes before getting into mount. Avena escapes and starts to drop some bombs on Lennox. Avena working Lennox over with strikes as the round comes to an end. Close round but MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Avena.
Lennox comes out swinging and he hurts Avena with a flurry, Avena tries to return fire but Lennox has him dazed. Lennox starts to unload on Avena with hard flurries as the referee finally saves Avena from further punishment.
Jesse Lennox def. Blas Avena by TKO at 0:41, R2.
We would like to recognize Sprawl, Jesus Didn’t Tap, Gamma O, and Body Bag MMA for supporting the stars in the SuckerPunch stable. It’s sponsors like these that truly help evolve this sport.