The crowd was into this fight from the start as it featured two local heroes in Kyle “The Alley Cat” Baker against Levon “The Maynman” Maynard. Hats off to both these guys for putting on one of the best fights of the night. This was a pretty even match from start as both fighters were landing shots from the clinch with Maynard edging out the first round by landing the heavier and cleaner shots to the head and body of Baker.
Round two started pretty much the same way with the two fighters going to the clinch. Both fighters were landing knees and punches when at about two and half minutes into the second round Baker slipped a clean shot through that staggered Maynard. Baker sensed his opportunity and started firing shots while Maynard tried to recover. The fight was stopped by the ref at 2:57 of the second round.
Maynard told us after the fight that he knew Baker had a strong clinch game but was surprised at his stamina in the clinch. “I got sucked into the wrong game plan and wasn’t expecting him to be as strong as he was”, Maynard told an interviewer after the fight. “My arms started to feel a bit heavy from all the clinching and Kyle was able to slip a shot through… he was stronger than I anticipated.” Maynard went on to say, “I would love a rematch on this one as fast as possible, I know I am a more technical and rounded fighter than Kyle but I got caught up in trying to brawl with him and that’s his game.”
We would be interested in setting this fight up again as well… this fight is a great fight between 2 local names that bring fans from all over the area.
SuckerPunch would like to congratulate Kyle Baker on his performance and hopefully we can put on another show for the crowd soon.
We would like to recognize Jesus Didn’t Tap and Gamma-O, Knockout Brand Clothing, Critical, Freedom Bail Bondingand BFN for taking the chance and supporting the rising stars in the SuckerPunch stable. Through supporting tomorrow’s stars sponsors like them truly help evolve this sport.