Patrick “Paddy Mike” Curran won a unanimous decision in impressive fashion as he dominated Ramiro Hernandez for three rounds. This marks Patrick’s national debut on a big show outside of being the feature fighter on the hit reality show TapouT.
This marks Patrick’s 3rd fight in 4 weeks! Time for well earned rest!
Congratulations Patrick and to your team over at Team Curran! We know “The Big Frog” is proud, he text us 10 times already;)
(Photo by Al Yu –
Here is the play by play as called it:
Round One: Curran uses kicks to start. Curran rushes forward and it looks like Hernandez slips more than Curran hits him. Curran gets Hernandez down and ends up on top. Curran wastes no time mounting Hernandez. Hernandez shakes him off but Curran levels him as he gets up. Knees in the clinch from Curran and he shoves Hernandez down. Curran mounts him again. Hernandez shakes him off the mount but Curran still maintains top position. Curran passes to mount again and comes down with punches. Hernandez shakes him off again and Curran just mounts him again. Curran goes for an armbar but the round ends. 10-8 Curran.
Round Two: Curran connects with a big overhand right that stumbles Hernandez. Hernandez catches Curran with a kick that’s low. Curran shakes it off and continues on. Hernandez connects with a flurry of punches. Hernandez looking much better on his feet this round. They clinch against the cage and Curran scores with a takedown. Curran easily passes to side control followed by mount. Big elbows from the mount by Curran. The round ends with Curran going for another armbar. 10-9 Curran.
Round Three: Curran shoots quickly but Hernandez stuffs it. Hernandez scores with a good combo that ends with a body kick. Hernandez misses with a kick, allowing Curran to take the fight to the ground. Curran easily mounts him again. Hernandez shakes him again but Curran easily regains the position. Hernandez is doing a good job shaking Curran off the mount and doing a horrible job keeping him in guard or half-guard. Hernandez gets to his feet to end the round. 10-9 Curran.
Official Decision: Pat Curran by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
We would like to recognize TapouT, Jesus Didn’t Tap and Gamma-O for taking the chance and supporting the rising stars in the SuckerPunch stable. Through supporting tomorrow’s stars sponsors like them truly help evolve this sport.