Patrick Barry won his UFC debut via TKO in the first round. Pat was wanting the KO but Evensen ended up quitting before he could do to that. Thunderous leg kicks delivered by Pat ended this fight.
Here is the play by play by
Round 1
K-1 veterans Barry and Evenson enter and look very confident. A very sparse crowd looks on from the seats. Barry circles to his left. Barry throws Evenson down but he gets back up. Hard leg kick from Barry. Evenson clinches and pins him against fence. They are separated by reveree Yves Lavigne. Three thunderous right low kicks by Barry. Evensen takes him down. Barry scrambles back up. Barry lands another huge right low kick. Evensen stumbles to his left.
Evensen quits from the low kick. Official time of the TKO is 2:36 of the first.
One thing that stood out to fans and family members other than the kicks was “the look” Patrick gave the camera when he realized he had just won his UFC debut. It wasnt an ordinary look. You could see in his eyes that there was deep meaning and personal messages going on in those moments.

Knowing Pat, we knew right away that he was looking right at his mother, his friends and everyone who has ever known how bad Patrick has wanted this moment. It wasn’t a look of surprise or a look of arrogance, it was a look of, “mom I’m here, you believed in me, I knew this would happen, and to everyone who has been with me on this journey, we are here.”
You can almost picture Patrick’s mother watching that and connecting with her son at that moment. How proud she must have been.
Minutes before the fight Pat sent out a text to his inner circle. It read, “Here we go again. Another test. Another opportunity to show myself. WHAT I am, what I’m made of. We are all getting in that cage tonight. And when he notices he is fighting all of us, HE’LL HAND ME HIS HEART!!! SO HYPE CAN’T DIE!”
Watch for “The Look” when Pat raises his hands in in victory.

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