On friday November 7th Patrick “Paddy Mike” Curran won a decisive victory at Extreme Challenge in the Franklin, WI moving his professional record to 4-0. Winning this fight in just 50 seconds via rear naked choke, Pat continues to impress his coaches and MMA fans with his skill. “Pats really smooth and strong with his technique” says Jeff Curran, cousin and coach to the young rising star, “He has the total package, he hits hard, he has a good chin, he’s slick on the ground, he’s strong, he’s not one of these guys that makes the sport look bad… and the ladies love him lol, Im very proud of him”.
If you think that Patrick is being spoon fed opponents think again. Even when he was featured on the Tapout show he took on a very tough opponent, so much so that “Mask” questioned Jeff Curran on if it was a smart choice for the show. “I know what Patrick is capable of so i wanted the country to see that he is for real and not match him with a “can” just to get a win on the show”, said Jeff Curran. So when we say Patrick “Paddy Mike” Curran is 4-0, he is FOUR and 0!