To all my fans,
I really appreciate all the support you have sent my way and I am so sorry I am not able to fight this weekend. I trained harder for this than any other fight in my life and I was looking forward to this more than you know.
It started on friday with a small mark on my leg. I immediately went to the doctor and he gave me medication and told me if it got worse to go to the hospital. Well, it got worse and on Sunday I went in and have been here ever since. I am hoping they will discharge me by Thursday.
I am very sorry if I disappointed anyone. A lot of work by a lot of people went into this. For it to end with something totally out of my control makes it difficult to swallow. I will be back in the gym as soon as possible and will be ready to fight as soon as Joe Silva can get me back in.
I’d like to thank my coaches, trainers, SuckerPunch, fans and sponsors (TapouT, Sprawl, THQ/UFC Undisputed 2009 and for their support. Nobody is more disappointed than me. I appreciate everything everyone put into this and can only look forward to getting back in the octagon as soon as possible.