Hey there fight fans. I just wanted to keep everyone updated on my lack of pugilistic activity recently. As you may know, for the second time I was forced off yet another fight card, this time due to a shoulder injury I sustained training. This is definitely not how I wanted to start my UFC career, it seems my post TUF life has come with no shortage of obstacles. It’ll be good for building character right? I guess it just goes along with my theme of taking the hardest road possible, purposefully or otherwise. In some ways being off the radar so long is one of the bigger detriments to my career, arguably worse than the injuries themselves. I am in no way intending to come off like I’m seeking some sort of pity-party, so I’ll leave it at that.
Congratulations to Nick Catone who was still able to fight, and won his UFC debut. The only thing worse than not fighting is when its through no fault of your own, and I’m glad he didn’t get sucked into my run of bad luck anymore than necessary.
So I’m fresh out of surgery, and feeling good. The situation so far is encouraging, it went well and turned out to be the best case scenario. Of course time will be the ultimate factor, but I am uncharacteristically optimistic so far. Hmmm, maybe I should cut that crap out.
I do want to say thanks and express how truly touched I am at all the resounding support and well wishes I have receiv ed as always, and especially as of late. I always hold myself accountable for the tribulations in my life, recently being no exception. In a time where it’s hard to describe my outlook as anything other than bleak, I am lucky to be surrounded by such good friends, fans, and family.
I am constantly encouraged by all the people that have really stood by me, and wish to see me back in action soon. Also I am fortunate to have great sponsors that have stuck by me as well, Sprawl and Tapout.  I resolve to show you all how much it meant to me, and hopefully soon.