On Friday February 6th in the WCA (World Cagefighting Alliance), Phillip “The Wicked” Wyman and Anthony “Antmo” Morrison went up and left their mark on the events inaugural show.
Wyman was up first and faced a strong wrestler and freestyle fighter named Ryan Smith. As the fight started the two did not waist time before engaging each other. Wyman opened with a body kick that echoed thorugh out the arena and made all the fans wince as they saw Smith somewhat buckle from the blow. Wyman did not waist time and pounced on the opportunity and took Smith down and started the ground and pound. after receiving a lot of hits the fight was nearly called but Smith being a strong wrestler was able to reverse the position but Wyman was ready for it and transition into a very slick Triangle choke which ended the fight 2:17 seconds into the first round.
This is Wyman’s second win in 2 weeks and second finish in the first round. We look forward to seeing him continue his winning ways in the near future. Wyman is scheduled to compete in the Art Of Fighting show in Sarasota Florida in April. We’ll keep you posted.
Last up for the SuckerPunch crew was Anthony Morisson. Anthony was looking to get back on his win streak after a tough loss in Florida just 2 weeks earlier. Facing former teammate and Jujitsu specialist Kevin Roddy, Morrison new this was a big fight.
Here is how Sherdog called it:
Another local favorite, Kevin Roddy, learned that repeated submission attempts only go so far, especially when your foe body slams you like you’re his kid brother. Three rounds of Roddy struggling to cinch a submission against Anthony Morrison proved fruitless, as Morrison (7-6) used superior wrestling and sturdy submission defense to keep the judges on his side and win a unanimous decision. Roddy (7-7) has lost four in a row.
We would like to recognize Jesus Didn’t Tap and Gamma-O, Knockout Brand Clothing, Critical and BFN for taking the chance and supporting the rising stars in the SuckerPunch stable. Through supporting tomorrow’s stars sponsors like them truly help evolve this sport.